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Coulter knows nothing about football, but has attacked "soccer" because of it European heritage, arguing that it represents the collective over the individual. This plays into the conspiratorial mindset of many conservative Americans who fatuously believe that the European nations, with their mixed economies and socialised medicine, are Bolshevik enclaves, while bemoaning "Communist fifth columnist" Barack Obama for attempting to bring down the American way of life by reforming the beleaguered US healthcare system in the form of the Affordable Care Act.
World Cup fever has spread into the House of Lords, as a Labour peer snuck in a Brazil football shirt as she spoke today
David Gill, the vice-chairman of the Football Association (FA), has walked out of a FIFA executive meeting in São Paulo, Brazil
There's only one thing worse than a journalist. That's a smug journalist. Yet despite the high level of self-regard that
The Brazilian city of Manaus, the host of England’s opening World Cup game, has declared a state of emergency. According
The BBC and ITV have reached an agreement to split England’s matches during next year’s World Cup, with the Beeb showing
Roy Hodgson has said the country's players lack the "hunger" of older generations, as they no longer need football "to save