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If I am going to be a part of the change in Brazil then I want my own actions to help create jobs, spread some wealth around to those people who really need a bit more, and I'd love to help preserve some art and craft traditions in the process of doing all this.
"This is deplorable," Vasco da Gama coach Adilson Batista said. "It's sad to see images like these just before the World
Brazilian footballers have stepped up their campaign to force the sport's governing body to change their packed schedule
To be fair, the masseur for Brazilian football team Aparecidense was probably only acting instinctively when he saw the ball
Lionel Messi and Pelé will be the subject of two separate films on the footballing legends' lives next year. Messi's life
Ponte Preta and Atletico Sorocaba's match was delayed on Saturday when bees stopped play. No, an unruly bunch of Brentford
There are some tackles in football that are vomit-inducing. Ewald Lienen's sickening open wound after Norbert Siegmann's
Ronaldo, the original, Il Fenomeno, was a great player whose legacy sadly was how fat he had become. Fat Ronaldo and Ronaldo
Another transfer deadline has passed and another wave of stories predicting that waning superstar Ricardo 'Kaka' Izecson will be moved from Real Madrid to another club washed ashore like the frothy gossip that it was.
Ronaldo, Brazilian football legend and all-time top goalscorer at World Cup finals, is to move to London to become a student