Breakthrough Breast Cancer

By avoiding the bleak statistics and that loaded word 'terminal', she helped me learn that I was living with cancer, not dying from it. For that I am grateful.
What we are now seeing, perhaps as an unnerving symptom of the Coalition's austerity drive as it continues to look for ways to reduce the deficit, is a question mark over whether treating cancer patients who can't be cured is worth the money.
Each year, major discoveries in breast cancer research show that great progress is being made to overcome the disease. But
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With Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014 just around the corner, Britain is gearing up for its annual explosion of pink-themed
Each year 50,000 women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It's the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women
Breast cancer screening programmes have yet to show a reduction in the number of women who die from the disease, researchers
Tearing off your clothes at the first sign of a snowflake may not be everyone's idea of a laugh, but that's exactly what
A drug will not be available to treat breast cancer on the NHS after it was unclear whether it improved survival rates, a
I know others have lost the fight for time so I want to give the last word to Angie, whose funeral I covered in one of my blogs. When asked just prior to her death, was she frightened? She replied " After living with this awful disease for so many years, nothing on this earth can scare me now."
Modern chemotherapy drugs are cutting breast cancer deaths by about a third, a study has shown. Scientists analysed pooled
Half of women are scared of breast cancer yet one in five cannot identify any signs or symptoms, according to a new poll