It could be the brain's way of diffusing tension, one researcher suggests.
Experts say this common communication issue can push couples apart.
I never thought having my life ripped apart could actually be the start of something so much fuller and more positive
As Cheryl and Liam announce their split, here is how to keep things amicable after a break-up when you have a baby.
'Distraction is a form of avoidance, which has been shown to reduce the recovery from a breakup.'
“We think to ourselves, ‘If they can get through it, maybe I can, too!’ But it just doesn’t work like that.”
And how to handle it with grace in case you want to get back together.
Most people do not enter divorce lightly. Many couples fight hard for years to try and rescue relationships. There are men and women made miserable in marriages through no fault of either party. Their only recourse is to either enter a process that says someone must be at fault or endure a long, uncertain wait.