Breast Cancer

Women can increase their risk of breast cancer by drinking as little as three small glasses of wine a week, a study has found
I now have had breast cancer twice in my life.The first was in 1994 when I was in my 30s and the second time in May this year. But there is a twist this time - I work as the Director of Breakthrough Breast Cancer in Scotland.
Almost everyone knows someone who's been affected by breast cancer. It's the most common cancer in the UK, and every day around 130 women are told they have the disease. Tragically, as the UK population gets older, that number is set to rise.
Women who take the contraceptive pill for a decade could be reducing their risk of developing ovarian cancer by 45%, a recent
The Department of Health has ordered an independent review into breast screening following research that suggests the harm
An independent review of NHS breast screening is under way after researchers suggested the harms may outweigh the benefits
Liz Hurley slipped into a baby pink satin cocktail dress as she attended a Breast Cancer Research Foundation event at Bloomingdales
British scientists have developed a test that could potentially spare thousands of breast cancer sufferers the ordeal of
For 364 days of the year I can speak and think rationally about breast cancer, and for many of those days I'm actively fundraising or trying to raise awareness about the disease. But on day 365, I'm in a panic.
Canadian-based charity, Rethink Breast Cancer, has found a unique way to incentivise women to check their breasts for signs