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Kelly Schaecher (foreground in purple top) leads the flashmob after her humiliating experience More than 250 mothers descended
If we look at what we as parents are actually trying to achieve - healthy, happy adults - we need to ask ourselves, does this have to mean sharing our beds with our children or letting them self-wean? I think not. Because what really matters, what is really absolutely crucial to healthy child development, is not 'Attachment Parenting', but 'Responsive Parenting.'
A female worker at DeSales University, Pennsylvania in America was spied upon while privately expressing milk to feed her
Who'd be a mother these days? Forget the exhaustion of broken sleep, it's all the arguments and wrangling over what's right and wrong that looks most painful. In a week when expectant mothers were told they should actually be dieting rather than eating for two and when celebrity mothers were told they "owed" it to their fans to lose their baby weight, David Cameron saw fit to announce the launch of a new government-backed website offering free parenting advice.
A mother allows herself to be photographed for the cover of Time, breastfeeding her three-year-old son, presumably in the spirit of breaking down barriers and encouraging greater freedom of choice. And how does the world respond to such a pioneer? 'Highly disturbing', 'Disgusting', 'Unnatural', 'Abusive'.
The image of slim blonde 26-year-old Californian mum Jamie Lynne Grumet, breastfeeding her three-year-old son on the front
I am witnessing a monthly meeting by the Chandrajarkie village women's group, which is organised and monitored by the village women. I'm here because I want to understand how the group has achieved a public health and social breakthrough: a massive reduction in neonatal mortality, and a huge step forward in the self-confidence of women.
Oreo cookies have come under fire after a controversial advert featuring a breastfeeding baby with the slogan; ‘Milk’s Favourite
There are women out there who are made entirely of elastic.
With over 500 members, Doula UK represents the largest number of doulas in the UK. Its doulas work with women and their families to prepare for the birth of their baby, helping them to fully explore their options, make informed decisions and support them as they adjust to life with a newborn baby.
Babies who are fed on demand are more likely to have a higher IQ and perform better at school, according to new research
Like many women, I'm a serial dieter and have yo-yo-ed over the years. But now I'm done with the baby-making, I've got no more excuse to get healthy and lose weight. I'm looking for an eating plan I can adopt for life and keep the weight off.
In case anyone thinks that they can evade the consequences of their cyber-crimes by going on an endless tour of the M25, I'm afraid I've got bad news for you - the High Court decreed this week that writs could now be served via, you guessed-it... Facebook.
Facebook's action puts photographs of breastfeeding in the same category as pornographic pictures. But breastfeeding is not a sexy thing to do. I have also never seen a woman try to sexualise it. They are discreetly feeding their child.
A mother has claimed that her burst Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implant could have caused her young daughter's incurable
According to new research today, babies who are breast-fed cry more, laugh less and generally have ‘more challenging temperaments
Last week I organised a Breastfeed Flash Mob in Brighton. It was on the back of some harassment I received while feeding my four month old baby in public. More than 60 women took part to assert that public feeding is normal and vital for mums. We attracted a minor media storm plus it opened a much needed debate on public breastfeeding for the millisecond of news time.
Imogen Thomas shows off her modelling skills with a wistful gaze to the cameras outside the High Court in London as she continues
A hardy group of mothers staged a breastfeeding flash-mob demonstration in a city centre to declare their right to feed their
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has sparked controversy with his outspoken views on breastfeeding, describing it as "a kind