breastfeeding in public

So often we hear or read about women who are shamed for breastfeeding or told to “cover up” while feeding their baby in public
A mum breastfed on live TV while defending her decision to vlog about feeding her baby while having sex. Tasha Maile joined
Before formula, there was breast milk.  Before bottles there was breasts.  The human race has lasted this long because we are physically able to nurture our young using our bodies.  That's incredible.  Women's bodies are genuinely incredible.  We can grow these humans and feed them with nothing except what our bodies naturally do and that is truly remarkable.
A mum has been praised for her quick thinking response to a stranger who suggested she put a towel over herself while she
Elena Davies has been breastfeeding her daughter Lily since she was 12 weeks - however it wasn't an easy journey. In this vlog, Elena discusses their story, exploring her desire to 'prove my body worked' after losing her son, Aneurin, at 34 weeks and her disappointment when it was suggested she formula fed Lily instead.
all women everywhere I am a breastfeeder.  I fed my first daughter for nearly 11 months and I'm currently feeding my second daughter who is nearly eight months.  I have always breastfed on demand, as and when required.  Whether I'm in a restaurant, a shop or the theatre, I've simply fed my baby because she's hungry and needs feeding.
Breastfeeding out and about gets a pretty bad image in the news. All we tend to hear about are stories of mums being asked to leave shops, restaurants, swimming pools, libraries, public transport and so on.
I must confess, at the beginning, I found breastfeeding very daunting and scary because I have heard so many stories from mothers who have already gone through the experience of breastfeeding in public--and they were not good experiences.
However, a few people told her she should 'cover up'.