breastfeeding in public

Of course I totally support women who prefer to wear breastfeeding bibs to cover up when they are feeding. But it still begs the question, why do they feel the need to hide their breasts when they are simply keeping their child alive by feeding it?
There is no comparison between breastfeeding and urinating. None. They are in no way, shape or form the same thing. Two completely different bodily functions, two completely different purposes.
A mother who breastfeeds her 6-year-old daughter, says she has been called a paedophile after sharing her story online. Maha
Argentinian politician Victoria Donda Perez, has been praised online after a photo emerged of her breastfeeding her eight
A holiday park has issued an apology to a mother who was asked to stop breastfeeding her son in the swimming pool. Holly
Tamara Ecclestone has spoken out about inadvertanly sparking a breastfeeding in public debate, by sharing a brelfie while
Doutzen Kroes has made a stand for "normalising" public breastfeeding, by sharing an Instagram photo showing her feeding
The Equality Act must be implemented and followed, and it's breastfeeders who need to be made comfortable, not stupid people who can't stop staring and then whine about what they've seen.
So why oh why is it not this simple? Why do we instead feel so judged on our choices and like a 'failure' if we are not doing what is perceived as making the 'best choice' when it comes to how we feed our baby?
We're still puzzling out what ostentatious breastfeeding might look like - flashing bosom beacons? Blinged-up breasts? A regal wave of a tiny hand? Whatever he had in mind, the act of feeding an infant is as likely to be ostentatious as the act of feeding oneself: which is to say, very unlikely.