It is time for a fresh start with fresh legs. Building a Good Britain might just bring us together and it will certainly be exciting!
That isn't idealism. That isn't building a better nation. It's no different than building a wall to the outside world, one that we can't even build high because we have to reach over it in order to do anything. This wasn't for young people. And if anything comes out of this, I hope young people do not forget it.
I am proud to be part of the 48.2%. I am proud to stand up for what I believe in, and I'm proud to be part of an age demographic in which the majority voted Remain. I am passionate enough to fight the opinions of those who don't agree with me, and to hope for more than what we have been left with in 2016. I believe in the EU, and I believe we can choose to overcome. This is what it's like in the 48.2%.
Yes, we lost, by a ludicrously slim margin, but our only (likely) choice is to move forward. Perhaps we needed to experience the gut-punch of having something we believe in and rely so heavily taken away from us, to understand how those in the forgotten corners of our country felt when they voted us out.
I've never really felt all that "British". Sure, I was born here, raised here, schooled here and worked here, but I never outwardly expressed any feelings of how Britain has affected me and I have affected it.
Britain is at a crossroads: not the crossroads we wanted, but the one we have nonetheless. The choice before Remainers now is to allow this to usher in a new era of neoliberal, xenophobic politics that works for the few not the many, or to fight for a better, more inclusive, more equal Britain.
So I implore you to join me, Bremainers and Inbretweeners: add a 'B' to the 'Remain' on your ballot paper. Let's truly stick two fingers up to, not just the concept, but the word 'Brexit'. Except don't, because your vote won't count.
Today, as you might have heard (I mean no-one has really mentioned it at all), Britain finds itself on the precipice of the greatest decision it has had to make in a generation. This question eats the West Lothian question for breakfast, and snacks on general elections. That's right - it's referendum time!
Today's headlines in The Sun and the Daily Mail have once again blown the anti-immigration dog whistle for the vote on Thursday. The fact that virtually every UK and economic analyst and academic has predicted huge damage to the country if we leave the EU is of no apparent consequence to them.
The environment, terrorism, refugees, technological development - these are the things that will define this generation, but they remain things that do not pay attention to border crossings and barbed wire, issues that can only be combatted internationally. Aligning ourselves with Europe, backing Remain could just be the most important decision that you will make this century.