brendan barber

One important lesson I learnt as a trade unionist, negotiating on behalf of my members, and, currently, seeking resolutions between opposing parties at work, is to avoid stereotyping. It's so tempting at the moment to think 'everyone over there is like that' or 'everyone who voted for that believes this'. We need to take the time to understand more about the deeper views and experiences of those in opposition to one another, and these can rarely be summed up in a single sentence or headline.
A protest rally against the government's austerity measures is expected to be attended by tens of thousands of trade unionists
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Former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher turns 87 today. She's been demonised as a milk-stealing war-monger, immortalised
A rise in the minimum wage has come into effect, leading to a bigger pay packet for some workers, but the low-paid will actually
T-shirts bearing messages celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher have been removed from sale outside the TUC Congress
Britain is at a historically important crossroads, facing a choice between decline or renewal, the leader of the TUC will
The Government is on a fresh collision course with millions of workers after warnings of mass strikes in protest at pay freezes
Celebrities and corporations are using offshore trusts, tax havens or wives and civil partners to avoid paying their fair
Householders who pay tradesmen in cash are "morally wrong", a Treasury minister has said. Exchequer Secretary David Gauke