Bret Easton Ellis

"You can’t be that racist on Twitter without people calling you out."
American Psycho is a brilliant, innovative musical comedy about a murderous banker on the rampage in New York. Helmed by Rupert Goold, this is a show just cracking with energy. Yet at its heart is an elusive performance by its star attraction, Matt Smith.
Lindsay Lohan's latest director, Paul Schrader, has confirmed what many have suspected for a long time - the 'Mean Girls
Lindsay Lohan apparently insisted the crew on her latest film strip down to their underwear while she shot a topless scene
Director Paul Schrader is so impressed with Lindsay Lohan's work on his new film, he has compared the troubled actress to
Why someone's sexuality needs to be public knowledge is not a question that will be taken up here, but what is relevant is that more celebrities and other public figures feel confident coming out as bisexual these days.