Bridget Christie

If you are having a bad day as a performer, it is best to avoid the Royal Mile incase you punch a clown in the face for trying to get you involved in a piece of site specific theatre. If you see/ know a performer having a bad day, give them a hug or buy them a drink, you can also remind them that Bowie was shit for ten years (Circa Laughing Gnome) but they may also punch you for this info.
Peter Mair's superb short book Ruling the Void is rightly regarded as the essential text on the subject of disaffection with mainstream politics.
I don't know about you but I've always thought that arts criticism would be way better if it read like the diary of a confused teenage girl. Hence my decision to start writing this blog. Here are some things I like this week.
I'm not saying I want comedians to blunt their sharp edges and stick to jokes about airports and weddings. But I also don't subscribe to the increasingly automatic notion that anything is a suitable subject for comedy.
Forget those empty New Year's resolutions about silly diets and unattainable relationships and go and have a girly laugh instead! Here are just a few recommendations.
Feminist comic Bridget Christie has won the £10,000 award for Best Comedy Show at the Edinburgh festival. Her show, called
The 33rd Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award short list has been announced. For those not familiar with the comedy world, it's the big award for best comedy show at the Fringe - though you can't be too big a star already to win it.
The feminist landscape is an ever-changing one and the connotations of being a feminist continually being redefined. So what