Brighton Festival

[Camille O'Sullivan - Credit: Peter Williams] There were already high hopes, but the scale of the first weekend's ticket
The company's non-hierarchical structure which, like any organism, developed its own unique composition, and the collective ethos provides a "deep bench" of artists leading and supporting each others work.
England's largest arts festival, arrived this weekend with a record 3,584 performances of 784 shows at 171 venues across the city for the entire month of May. Ticket sales are already 15% up on last year, meaning that we should be expecting audiences of close to 290,000 people.
If there's anything I've come to know over the years, it's that the edge of things is where the arts tend to flourish most creatively and anarchically... I've learned not to underestimate what's truly possible in Brighton, on its bright edge, at festival time, the borders vanished, the arts everywhere you look, everything on the wing.
After months and months of listening to television hosts and their guests take sides and beat each other up; after more than a year of 'gotcha' reporting and newsgathering; I was attempting to present, at this very specific time and place, a family talking, not yelling, not screaming, but rather one trying to listen to one another.
As Brighton Fringe approaches, there is a huge fanfare of voices inviting audiences to attend their events. And attend they do, in their hundreds of thousands.
The first long weekend in May was the ideal time to visit one of our favourite English towns as it was the launch of four festivals which run throughout the month until early June - the Brighton arts Festivals.