brighton fringe

Whether you haven't been yet, or you want to relive a few moments, you can watch these two clips to get you in the mood. The videos are themed around outdoor events and nightlife and there are three more to come in the coming weeks.
[Camille O'Sullivan - Credit: Peter Williams] There were already high hopes, but the scale of the first weekend's ticket
England's largest arts festival, arrived this weekend with a record 3,584 performances of 784 shows at 171 venues across the city for the entire month of May. Ticket sales are already 15% up on last year, meaning that we should be expecting audiences of close to 290,000 people.
There has to be change in government and not just in terms of political parties. The biggest change must be a broader representation of women at all levels. This is why I particularly applaud and admire the efforts of modern day suffragette, Frances Scott, founder and leader of the 50:50 Parliament campaign and petition.
As Brighton Fringe settles into an agreeable misty haze, my attentions turn to the National Arts Festival of South Africa (3-13 July). And the rest of an all-too-often Eurocentric arts world would do well to do the same.
Brighton Fringe is coming into its own as a festival in its own right and within Brighton itself. With the growth of major pop-up venues the Warren and the Brighton Pleasure Garden, there is a new physical presence in town, creating a market that hadn't existed before down here.
England's largest arts festival, Brighton Fringe is upon us again. Here are nine things every visitor from out of town MUST do...
As Brighton Fringe approaches, there is a huge fanfare of voices inviting audiences to attend their events. And attend they do, in their hundreds of thousands.
The first long weekend in May was the ideal time to visit one of our favourite English towns as it was the launch of four festivals which run throughout the month until early June - the Brighton arts Festivals.