bring your own device

With so much at stake and so much already invested in security systems to then allow cybercriminals a way into the organization that's completely beyond the IT department's control is the business equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.
While it's clearly an IT issue, BYOD is increasingly creeping onto the FD agenda; in part given the implications for procurement and claims from Cisco, among others, that BYOD reduces the overall cost to business.
The Daily Mail posted a picture on Facebook of the Duchess of Cambridge leaving the hospital with Prince George alongside a picture of Princess Diana with Prince William at about noon the same day. This picture received more than 16,000 'likes' and was shared over 6,000 times.
On the one hand, the success of the UK in 2012 has shown its capabilities and resilience. On the other hand, this has set high expectations, and the question remains as to whether the lessons learnt from last year will be capitalised on over the coming 12 months.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) describes the recent trend of employees bringing personally-owned mobile devices to their place of work, and using those devices to access privileged company resources such as email, file servers, and databases.