Bristol City Council

Bristol mayor says decision was not about Reid but "about taking down a statue of a London-based artist who came and put it up without permission".
Artist Marc Quinn created the sculpture of protester Jen Reid, who was photographed standing on the empty plinth after the Colston statue was toppled.
Police have come under fire for putting out pictures of non-violent anti-racist demonstrators.
The operation was carried out in the early hours of Thursday morning.
Slaver Edward Colston's statue stood in the city centre for 125 years before protesters pulled it down and dumped it in the harbour. Now it's gone, what will replace it?
Thousands of people are expected to descend on the city centre on Friday morning.
"I feel like I don’t trust my own judgement because you have so many people with letters behind their name telling you that what you’re doing is making a fuss."
Organisers of the Bristol Brick Show said they were "devastated" by the news.
Bristol City Council has submitted the application to its own planning department.