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A host of far-right groups are set to join Nigel Farage in a march on the Supreme Court.  Britain First, The British National
The deputy leader of Britain First has said police should be able to turn their guns on Muslims just a week after being found
At this point it’s worth remembering that back in January every single Christian denomination in the UK condemned Britain
Britain First leader, Paul Golding, has been served notice of an alleged High Court injunction breach whilst attending the
The deputy leader of far-right group Britain Firsthurled abuse at a Muslim woman for wearing a hijab while brandishing a
Britain First’s deputy leader is standing trial today accused of religiously aggravated harassment during one of her group’s
    Read more on The Huffington Post Around 21 individuals including their regular staff. And three rows of reasonably comfortable
In post-Brexit Britain when there will be natural economic uncertainty, our political class and media establishment have an historic obligation to keep our country safe from bigotry by being positive, robust and wise in their discourse.
Britain First held a “day of action” in Oldham on Saturday although you’d be forgiven for not noticing. The far-right group’s
Britain First held a “meeting of patriots” in Cardiff on Saturday afternoon, featuring speeches from leader Paul Golding