British Airways

Sir Patrick Vallance says the present travel restrictions stand, however.
Flights have been "merged" between March 16 and March 28 due to reduced demand.
An outbreak could close schools for two months and cancel sports events. And as global cases grow, share prices are now on track for the worst week since the 2008 crash.
Meet Jim, or to give him his full title, British Airways Training Captain James Shepard.
The average flight time for the route is six hours and 13 minutes.
UK citizens in the city are being briefed with details of forthcoming flights.
The death toll in the country has risen to 132.
Nine years after death of Jimmy Mubenga on a British Airways flight, Unite branches say they want no part in deporting immigrants.
James Brown, who is visually impaired, appeared in court this morning.
The latest move comes after two days of strike action, on September 9 and 10, over a dispute about pay.