British Airways

A British Airways plane had to divert on a flight to North Africa following alleged drunken behaviour by two women passengers
The trouble with flying Business Class is that once you know what lies in front of the curtain that divides the privileged from the cattle, you never want to be on the wrong side of it again.
International Airlines Group boss, Willie Walsh lost that bizarre bet of a 'kick in the groin' with Sir Richard Branson before he even made it... That's because the Virgin Atlantic/Delta partnership is the biggest kick in the nuts that British Airways ever has and ever will receive!
Sir Richard Branson has said he would accept a 'knee in the groin' from the boss of BA if Virgin Atlantic didn't exist in
British Airways has confirmed it will cut more than 400 senior cabin crew roles to solve an 'imbalance' within its staff
Analysts have poured cold water on the suggestion that Sir Richard Branson could lose control of his Virgin Atlantic airline
David Beckham is reportedly getting tired of the adoration of star-struck cabin crew when he travels with British Airways
People stop along the Brooklyn waterfront to look at the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline after much of lower New
Rising aviation superpower Emirates has secured a new partnership with struggling airline Qantas, following the termination
Discrimination against Christians is rife in the workplace, with religious groups warning that the cases of four Christians