British Airways

People with strong religious beliefs are free to express their faith privately but cannot insist their employer accommodate
Four British Christians who claim they were sacked because of their religious beliefs will attempt to prove they have been
Loius and Liam were on drinks duties, while that scamp Harry busied himself by making announcements on the plane's tannoy
Fog shrouding Gatwick Airport caused disruption for around 1,500 airline passengers overnight after they were diverted away
The Olympic flame has arrived in Cornwall from Athens at the start of a 70-day torch relay ahead of the 2012 games. The Olympic
The owner of British Airways and Iberia airlines has announced a quarterly loss of £211m, in the wake of rising fuel costs
The takeover of bmi by British Airways is set to lead to up to 1,200 job losses, the airline announced on Thursday. BA started
Artist Tracey Emin has unveiled British Airways' Olympic-inspired aircraft, 'The Dove'. The plane, which will fly thousands
Britain's leading airlines have warned that passengers could face "severe delay and disruption" at London's airports during
More than a fifth of flights departing from Heathrow Airport were delayed last year, operator BAA said today, although this