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Unilever and City of London bankers have joined a growing chorus among the business community calling on Britain not to leave
Standard Chartered has become the first British bank to open a branch in Iraq since the war, with Iraqi prime minister Nouri
Britain's banks are engaging in a make-believe "war" as part of a massive test of their defences against cyber attack. What
Ed Miliband went to the City on Monday of this week to give a speech on the banking crisis. There was not much unusual about that, you might think. But the way he opened his address said almost everything you need to know about Ed Miliband's leadership and his sense of where his party is headed.
Lending by Britain's top five banks shrank every quarter last year, official figures revealed today, in an embarrassing blow
The Business Secretary Vince Cable has revealed that the government will tomorrow accept in full the recommendation to ring
The Bank of England could be set to inject a further £50 billion into the financial system in a second round of “quantitative
British banks are unfairly profiting from a taxpayer funded subsidy and should be cut down to size, according to a report
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- London's leading shares index has plunged into the red as shares in Britain's banks were hit by fears
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The US government has begun legal action against 17 financial firms, including the country's largest