ITV2 is airing a raft of comedy shows this month, featuring new talent on and off screen. BAME workers in the TV industry in the UK all know, how difficult its been over the past couple of decades, to get any diverse programming content supported by British mainstream TV players.
For the uninitiated The Bid could best be described as a sort of curiously 21st Century psuedo-auction; where hapless house hunters secretly e-mail the top price they are prepared to part with for a flat innumerable others will no doubt also have dreams of owning. It's unforgiving.
Sometimes in bedsits you have to leave notes - "please don't drink my milk" or "don't eat all my bread" - but you don't expect to have to leave a note "please don't poo in the shower". It's like you wouldn't expect to have to leave signs "please don't vomit in the oven" or "I'm sorry your pet hamster died, but please don't leave it in the freezer".
Britain's very own John Oliver just went from big to bigger - with the news that he'll be standing in for Jon Stewart when