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This week the exhibition William Blake and British Visionary Art opened at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. A collaboration between Tate Britain and the Pushkin Museum, supported by the British Council, it is the first exhibition in Russia dedicated to Blake's art and legacy.
The work of the British Council and similar organisations, and its soft power influence, is an important facet of a sophisticated and enlightened foreign policy. The reestablishment of the British Council's presence in Tripoli is a great example of this and a welcome move to help secure a peaceful, democratic future for the Libyan people.
As in Sudan itself, precariously tipped between expansion and implosion as a newly drawn state facing harsh realities, South Sudan 's uniting of tribal identity and modern aspiration into a national culture could unleash a music to blow the minds of the most experienced cultural traveller.
Against all previous form, I took part in a round of the X Factor this week. It was the familiar mix of competing styles and contingent emotion, followed by measures of first kind then merciless appraisal. My group didn't win: our blend of British "existential angst" with bold Brazilian overtones lost out and we were sent home.
In our work, every day we find that art is a powerful conduit connecting people and their diverse cultures. Residency programs like this one, that bring writers face to face with each other and with young people eager to learn, create the perfect environment to explore the road not yet taken.
The unrest in Syria has been going on for six months now, and may well continue for a long while yet. Damascus, rich in security, is and has been calm and quiet, the streets all but untroubled.
Ten years ago, the September 11 attacks were a seismic moment in history. The tragedy was most keenly felt in the United States, but its impact resounded worldwide. For many young people who came of age around 2001, the events of that day shaped their view of the world.
The tragic attack in Kabul last Friday is felt intensely throughout the British Council but, while there is demand for our work and presence, we will continue.
The American State Department has condemned today’s attack on the British Council compound in Kabul. The US Secretary of
At least 10 people have been killed after suicide bombers and gunmen attacked the British Council compound in Kabul, the