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If you have a sentimental attachment to a dusty Dalwhinnie or a spurned Suntory, don't feel obliged to flog it just because you fear the worst of Brexit; more lucrative times may yet lie ahead for the humble single malt. As with selling anything vintage, how much it will be worth is likely to be something of a crapshoot. If you have a copy of The Hangover III on DVD or blu-ray on the other hand...
It is now the morning after the morning after the morning after the night before. Like a partygoer after a particularly heavy session we're perhaps only now recovering from the three-day hangover of Brexit. After a turbulent few days, several arguments with friends and family, a number of advisory notes to clients and contacts, I feel like it is time to sit back and marshal my thoughts properly.
Less public and private sector spending, or 'consumer consumption', leads to less need for manufacturing and service providing reducing levels of productivity, which is a decline in economic output.
A free trade deal between Canada and the European Union will provide a £1.3 billion boost to the British economy, according
For CAFOD, this G20 comes at a critical moment: the Russian presidency needs to continue the momentum on the good work started by the G8 on transparency, to make sure that developed and developing country governments can ensure they are getting their fair share in taxes from global firms.
In an age when next day delivery is now commonplace M&S is certainly seen to be lagging behind the likes of online retailer Amazon. But when compared to a traditional 'high street' retailers it is still deficient.
The British economy, still struggling from the aftereffects of the 2008 Global Economic Crisis and financial disaster, now has received another boot in its ribcage. Moody's, one of the three major credit rating agencies, has cut its assessment of the UK's sovereign debt form AAA to Aa1.
What a wonderful Olympics, it really does make you proud to be British! Like everyone, I watched lots of it on the television, but was also lucky enough to go to Greenwich Park for the equestrian eventing cross country day, and I have never known an atmosphere like it.
The news for George Osborne continues to get worse. YouGov's latest survey for the Sunday Times was conducted following the news that Britain's economy contracted by 0.7% in the second quarter of this year - a worse figure than most economists had predicted. Even if, as I suggested last week, the final revised figures are not as bad as this, the pressure for the time being on the Chancellor is growing more intense.
BMW is to invest a further £250 million in its three Mini factories in the UK, safeguarding thousands of jobs, the firm has