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The British Embassy in Cairo has been forced to close for security reasons, according to the UK ambassador to Egypt. Embassy
One person suggested the embassy's only crime was getting "good at Twitter". And, in a sign that tropes of British political
The Foreign Office has temporarily withdrawn all staff from its embassy in Yemen "due to increased security concerns". The
The film, entitled Innocence of Muslims, is a crudely shot, low budget film which depicts the Prophet Muhammad as a drunk
A British national was among a group of Europeans caught up in a deadly attack by gunmen in Ethiopia, it emerged today. Five
Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, a vital route for the oil trade, if the West widens sanctions against
The Foreign Office is investigating reports that explosives had been sent to Bahrain from Britain. It was reported from the
If reminders of the bestial nature of the mullahs' regime were needed, events in Tehran last week did not disappoint.
Iranian diplomats have begun to leave the UK after a deadline for their departure expired. Foreign Secretary William Hague
Some of the staff at the UK's Iranian embassy have been withdrawn from Tehran following the storming of the building by protesters