British Foreign Office

As a humanist I very much defend, uphold and rely on the human right to freedom of religion or belief. I do, however, want to offer a few words of caution as well...
When Iranians write 'Death to England' over a portrait of the Queen in the embassy, that's sloganizing. When they call for Israel's destruction, it is something else entirely.
As a linguist, your second year is not based around planning internships, thinking about doing a Masters degree or going into work at long last. Instead you get to look forward to a year abroad; an educationally acceptable gap year so to speak...
The British Embassy in Cairo has been forced to close for security reasons, according to the UK ambassador to Egypt. Embassy
Officials are looking into the extraordinary claim by a Russian News Agency that the British Jihadi Samantha Lewthwaite, better
Police in the UK are assisting the investigation into the alleged rape of a British businesswoman in a luxury hotel in Egypt
Argentina has taken the unprecedented step of appointing a secretary for the Malvinas, a role designed to assert pressure
The Foreign Office is furious after Spanish police opened and search a British diplomatic bag heading for Gibraltar. Diplomatic
Police in Berlin are attempting to identify an English-speaking teenager who arrived in Berlin, saying that he had spent
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A team of UK officials has begun work in Tripoli towards the reopening of the British Embassy in the