british high street

Lets all start making protestations to our local councils now as there are signs that some councils are starting to understand the issue with nine London boroughs making plans to restrict a proliferation of bookies in their Local Plan. The horse has bolted (excuse the pun ) but we can make politicians listen if we continue to shout loud.
With British retails gems such as HMV and Blockbuster dropping like flies, it may seem like the UK high street is on its way out. However, in the spirit of the glass being half-full, we suggest that this is not the death of the high street after all, but instead, simply its evolution.
From day one of this parliament, Pickles and Lewis have treated small businesses with contempt - and it doesn't stop there. To huge consternation in the business community they've cancelled a revaluation of business rates this year to make sure properties are tied to a 2008 rating close to the peak of the property boom.
What would we do without Whistles? Solving smart women's sartorial dilemmas since the early 1980s, the British brand has become something of an institution.
More than 50% of all non-food transactions will be influenced by the web within 10 years while a third of retail space will