British Lions

The one vivid memory I have of that interview was John looking me right in the eye and telling me that the best thing you can do is learn from others, whether it be friend or opposition. It was something that had helped him to succeed and something I've tried to implement in many aspects of my life since.
The image immediately started trending on Twitter Retired England scrum-half Matt Dawson posted: "Pls explain why doing bunny
A British and Irish Lions rugby star who gave Prime Minister David Cameron "bunny ears" during a team visit to Downing Street
Wimbledon, The Ashes and The Lions - institutional British sporting events, all running for well over a hundred years, and this year we've been lucky enough to have all three in one summer. But, for marketers, these events have evolved into more than just summer spectacles.
We can't afford to get cocky. Last weekend may be as good as it gets this summer. But Chris Froome in the yellow jersey and a home Ashes win would surely set the seal on a British summer of sport every bit as good as the one in 2012 we thought we'd never get close to experiencing ever again.
If Instagram is to be believed, there wasn't a single person not drinking Pimm's or tanning their pasty legs on a small patch of grass in the UK on Saturday. Without making excuses, the Pimm's consumption was only fair given the frayed nerves of the nation at large. Westminster might like to think the population cares deeply about the Falkirk saga, but what most people cared about this week, when it came to domestic issues at least, was a slender 26-year-old and his tennis racket.
The British and Irish Lions suffered defeat at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne on Saturday morning, losing the second test
So the first Test is looming, and with it the onset of serious judgement for both coaches. Who would have guessed it a few years ago, the Lions playing Australia and two Kiwis are heading up the opposing sides? I know I am old school here but there is a large part of me that regrets this scenario.
There is something very special about a Lions tour, and despite my on-the-field melt down, I made some great friends, and learnt a huge amount about myself and my rugby. It was exactly the kick up the arse that I needed to realise that I did want to carry on playing and that I was not the centre of the Universe (something that I still struggle with from time to time!)
Mervyn Davies--a crucial member of the two finest rugby teams ever assembled, the 1971 and 1974 British Lions, and of the all-time XV of any rugby fan with sense--has died of cancer. To the special men who played with him in those legendary Lions sides, his death was not a surprise.