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Worrying new figures released by police forces has revealed that hate crimes against Mosques have more than doubled from
There is no doubt that the roles and responsibilities of contemporary Imams have fundamentally changed over the years. Whereas initial Muslim migration to the UK would have been content with the Imam that led them in the 5 daily prayers, today's society requires a faith leader that provides a holistic service within the Mosque and effective engagement and representation outside.
The armed forces need to think about how they can market themselves to Muslim communities. They need to hold open days at barracks and go into schools, trying to find a way of connecting with young Muslims and counter-acting the negative propaganda too many are fed through social media.
We are the ones who feel the full force of a racist backlash each time a terrorist attack happens. We are the ones who are made to feel guilty, on the defensive, anxious that our children will be picked on in the playground, or that our colleagues are whispering behind our backs. We are the ones who are abused, sworn at, spat at, pushed, punched, kicked, beaten and even killed on British streets. Our homes and places of worship are petrol-bombed and have faeces posted through their doors.
If you see or hear any Islamophobic commentary in the wake of what happened in Westminster, please say something.
I'm sure the producers of the show mean well and believe they are doing a good job by giving everyday Muslims a platform, but it's just a shame that culture, as it always seems to do, has got in the way of giving viewers a real look into Muslims in Britain.
Since 9/11 and the onset of the War on Terror, there has been a surge of literary interest in Islam. Non-Muslim British writers
The success of this Review will be judged by implementation of its proposals in an inclusive and compassionate way so as to avoid further suspicion, mistrust and segregation.
According to a poll recently carried out by Channel Four and presented by Trevor Philips last night I find that apparently
The problem with the rejectionist proposition is that they wish to throw out the baby with the bath water. You cannot cherry pick aspects of Islam. It appeared during the debate that they were interested only in embracing those aspects of Islam that suits them and rejecting those they disagreed with.