British National Party

They were found to have violated the site’s rules around promoting hate and violence.
If there is one way to add fuel to the pernicious bigotry peddled by white supremacists, nativists and extreme nationalists, it is to pretend that they don’t exist
What was to be gained from having Bannon appear on national programmes and then subjecting them to a routine interview as if their views aren’t something genuinely dangerous?
'They avoid a stereotypical far-right ‘look’ and do not carry traditional nazi baggage'.
From the bottom of my heart, I wholeheartedly thank every single member who entrusted me with their vote
A well-known neo-Nazi and National Front organiser has come out as gay and opened up about his Jewish heritage after peddling
National Action became the first far-right group banned in Britain since WW2
Despite being the first far-right group banned as a terrorist organisation since the Second Would War, neo-Nazi outfit National
'This is an extremely dangerous organisation that fetishes violence.'