British NHS

It's a triumph of outstanding journalism. A couple of days ago the Guardian published the results of a survey it commissioned
Every party is pledging to invest more money into the NHS but the Green Party won't just invest cash, we'll also invest our faith. We all have to show that faith now or by the end of the next parliament Danny Boyle's proud Olympic love letter to our wonderful NHS could become it's epitaph.
Jeremy Hunt has been accused of having "no interest" in the National Health Service's future amid reports that his department
Burnham said: "She was in a nursing home where corners were often cut and where it was hard to get GPs to visit. The decent
The Tory-led government is undermining a national institution, privatising a vital public service and opening it up to the market, all in the name of competition, without any real thought for the repercussions of their actions on the millions of people who rely on it every day.
Right now, in the UK, if you go to the doctor with a physical pain, you invariably leave with a course of painkillers or for those suffering from mild depression, antidepressants are distributed without hesitance.
I'd therefore urge people like the health minister, Dr Dan Poulter, to think more deeply about this issue. It might be that you reach a different moral conclusion to the one I've described here. However, wherever your ethical reasoning takes you, I hope you will be able to avoid a post-hoc rationalisation.
Fuelled by the growth of electronic medical records, according to The Telegraph people of all ages are waking up to the potential
Developments in telemedicine are benefitting patients with a broad range of needs as well as improving hospital services and improving resource allocation across the NHS. Significant progress has been made towards three million people being able to benefit from telehealth by 2017 in the UK, so these programmes could be coming to hospital near you soon.
The National Health Service has been criticised after it admitted wasting £3.8 million on property taxes for the 122 empty