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This proud port community is on the frontline of a global political upheaval.
Parliament has opened the door for legislation that would prevent children from being exposed to second-hand smoke in cars
If MPs are against the pay increase, they can stop it; after all, they set up IPSA in the first place. If they're not, and I suspect many of them actually tacitly support getting more money (and on a human level, wouldn't you?), they need to say so. And they need to justify it. Needing to do so could be the best stimulus for reform of how money is influencing politics at the moment.
Police have seized drugs just once in the last year on the Parliamentary estate after someone was caught in possession of
As we await the Privy Council's announcement on press regulation, one might expect tabloid editors and proprietors to keep a low profile and try to keep wraps on their more extremist views.
It is no secret that Kurdistan has become wealthy, and that they are developing rapidly with a modern outlook on life. However, this does not mean that the Kurds must neglect their past, and not seek justice for the crimes that were committed against them under the Ba'aath party regime.
In a recent Westminster lecture David Miliband warned that, "for many people, politics is broken" - a sentiment rooted in the mistrust of politicians since the expenses scandal, the privileged backgrounds of many of our leaders and the apparent loss of ideology in British politics.
David Cameron has attempted to rally support among European leaders believed to have deep concerns about last week's summit
Around 200 anti-capitalist protesters entered Parliament Square as they linked with a group supporting activists who had
In response to Robert J. Shapiro's response to my article in the Huffington Post. My article 'Vulture Funds - coming to a