British Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron has been reined in by senior cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith over his plan to strip benefits from the obese
If Britain pulls out of the European Union it would spell disaster for countries like Poland, the country's ambassador has
David Cameron has insisted that reducing the annual benefits cap to £23,000 would cause a new "stampede to the job centre
David Cameron will break his promise to reduce red tape for businesses by the end of this Parliament, according to an independent
The Conservative Party's losing campaign in the Rochester and Strood by-election was a "load of bollocks", a veteran Tory
David Cameron's speech to Conservative activists at his party's last conference before the general election, promising £7.2
The Tories have "abandoned" David Cameron's flagship Big Society agenda and lurched right-wards, according to the guru who
Ed Miliband has been publicly rebuked by The Horrors after one of their songs was played at Labour's annual conference before
David Cameron "could not possibly survive" as leader if Scots vote for independence, as Tory rebels plot to depose him in
David Cameron's former director of strategy, Steve Hilton, has warned that it is money, not voting, that has the biggest