British Public Sector Strikes

The Government will today be hit by the biggest strike over pay since it came to power when over a million public sector
Most members of the public back the right to strike and believe the government is unfairly targeting public sector workers
Children across England and Wales are waking up to disruption as teachers stage a one-day walkout in a ongoing row over pay
Doctors taking industrial action on Thursday could still be paid, it has emerged. Health trusts have to decide whether or
When it comes to controversial humour, there can be a thin line between applause and society baying for your blood. Some celebrities, like Jeremy Clarkson and Frankie Boyle, make careers out of it whilst public figureheads should be exempt of it in their ambassadorial roles.
Yesterday, Jeremy Clarkson, the journalist famous for presenting the BBC's Top Gear, made a remark that has set his name trending on the web, and apparently inflamed the vast majority of the people who feel duty bound to set up their own bonfire vigils of outrage whenever they see the first sign of smoke: politicians, tweeters, and the press offices of organisations like Unison, the public sector union.
Strike disruption has hit thousands of schools across the country as public sector workers staged a walkout over pensions
Hundreds of schools and further education colleges are being forced to close as teachers across Wales down their tools and
Around 500 union members at Middlesex University have said they will strike over jobs cuts and changes to staff terms and
As the coalition falls out over public sector pensions it shows the importance of trade unions standing together to defend the interests of working people.
Long the butt of punchlines for his nasal-sounding voice and geeky demeanor, Ed Miliband has become a hot tabloid topic once