British Rail

Virgin's partner Stagecoach has been barred from three rail franchise bids.
There is next to no argument for further public control of rail travel will result in better pricing and higher quality service
In the wake of the last few days, the thoughts of the world are undoubtedly with those suffering the effects of a seminal
So next time your train is late, overcrowded and, despite paying the highest fares in Europe, you don't have a seat, remember that this is a direct result of privatisation where shareholder profit is far more important than you as the paying customer. And then ask yourself, is this what you want for your health? Because, unless we challenge NHS cuts and privatisation, that is exactly what we will get.
Maria Eagle's call to effectively renationalise the rail network is so dangerous and backward-looking. Her view is based on phoney economics and is a brazen attempt to rewrite history. She has ignored the facts about the failing, worn out nationalised railway of yesterday and the modern, growing and successful railway of today.
Apparently accuracy, attention-to-detail and proof-reading were not on the curriculum at Eton when the young George Young
Since privatisation the cost to the public purse of running the railways has risen by a factor of between two and three times.
Commuters returning to work after the festive break are being urged to tell the government exactly what they think of the
Rail fares go up by an average of 5.9% today, but some commuters will find their season tickets are rising by almost 11%. Under