British Royals

Without someone ruling, there is no Royal Family, however modern and informed it is. Those opportunities for change, to make a difference, to be heard, melt away if no one takes charge.
When Prince William and Prince Harry announced they wanted to put up a statue of their mum in her memory, they said the time
Harry's relationship with Meghan has swept across the world's front pages. It's natural that we are all interested in the love life of the prince as he is a much-loved high profile figure. Whoever he marries will assume a large role on our country's stage so it is not a position to be taken lightly.
I still cannot believe that I have the privilege to know and work with Patrick Jephson, Princess Diana's first and only Chief of Staff. Few days shy of her 18th death anniversary, I sat down with Patrick to discuss the Princess's life, achievements, as well as the mysteries surrounding her tragic death.
The lawyer's work and that of the detective's long hours is how many mysteries have been solved -- or not. And then DNA entered criminology to add to the writer's magical box of solutions. Here is an example in my own case.
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It’s no secret we are a society consumed by scandal - from politicians to sports stars to A-list celebrities in the public
From Las Vegas to Camp Bastion, Harry's headlines - both good and bad - build a modern heroic monomyth around him. He may be a professional soldier - but am I alone in preferring to read about his rock 'n' roll hedonism rather than this latest "I killed in Afghanistan" meme?
Soldiers are required to do just one thing. Kill the enemy. It's their job. Everyone knows it's their job. It's obvious it's what they do. But when you are a member of the Royal Family... should you actually say that you have?
This is, quite simply, the most brilliant piece of public art in recent years. It's performance art, and mass outrage is an integral part of the show. It doesn't look like Kate Middleton - but then nor do the fuzzy telephoto pics from France, or, for that matter, the airbrushed poses condoned by the palace