British Troops

British troops have been deployed to Afghanistan to help local forces as they fight to take control of a key town after it
British military personnel are to be deployed to Ukraine over the next few weeks to provide advice and training to government
More than 1,300 British troops are to take part in a major Nato exercise in Eastern Europe in a further show of strength
A top British army commander has reacted to disturbing pictures which appear to show at least one UK serviceman posing with
Pictures purportedly showing a British serviceman posing with a dead Taliban fighter have emerged via the website Live Leak
When the British war in Afghanistan becomes just a paragraph in a War Studies textbook, the effects of decades of conflict
Sergeant Blackman's conviction was an accident of justice since his crime was only uncovered when civilian police discovered the infamous video on a serviceman's laptop. However, he will now serve life with a minimum parole tariff of 10 years.
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is putting soldiers’ mental health at risk by prescribing a drug linked to string of suicides
Afghan detainees captured by British forces are "clamouring" to be transferred to the Afghan authorities, a High Court judge
Let's be clear on something here. The Mastiff is STILL the safest form of transport. The news should not be about the failure of the Mastiff to protect the troops travelling inside, but more about the fact that the insurgents had built a massive bomb capable of beating the armour of a Mastiff.