British values

Teachers all over the country are trying to find ways to add the government's 'British values' to their lessons. The British
In my view, this focus on Britishness facilitates lazy interpretations of values. Some lists suggest that children should be encouraged to listen to British music like Freddy Mercury or they should eat roast dinners at school! By all means, schools are welcome to display union flags and celebrate the Queen's birthday but this merely pays lip service to what British values are trying to achieve.
Speaking after the London Bridge attack on Saturday, Theresa May stated that there is "far too much tolerance" of extremism
Prevent in the UK has focused on terrorism from a global violent jihadist perspective, but front-line workers like me up and down the country have always worked on all forms of extremism and have been dealing with a rise in referrals from far-right extremism.
Theresa May has emphasised that she considers the "special relationship" between the US and the UK, developed by the history of political relations between the two countries, to be a factor that effectively divides the professional relationship between UK and US political leaders from their personal relationship.
So what British values is the Labour Party now supporting in its move to take the place soon to be vacated by UKIP? What British values would Dame Casey and Sajid Javid make us swear allegiance to? The exploitation of xenophobia and prejudice in order to garner votes? That lack of social cohesion is not the fault of government policy or lack of funding for ESL and community programmes, but the fault of those very minorities as they simply aren't 'British enough' - so they need to swear an oath and be 're-educated'?
Politicians have misused 'integration' to describe assimilation. In doing so, they have given false expectations of what it produces. Migrant groups are consequently misrepresented as isolated and disloyal.
There is no greater need than now to bring together humanity regardless of colour race and religion to unite against the threats we face. The world is facing a difficult time. This is no time for hate. This is a time for humanity and love. This is a time for unity.
Immigration, immigration, immigration. That's what we hear; that's one of the main battlegrounds of the upcoming EU referendum. It's everywhere: "They're stealing our jobs! They're pilfering our benefits! They're destroying our national identity." Damn those immigrants. Nothing but trouble.
Research I conducted with colleagues for the Mapping Immigration Controversy research project demonstrates that this ever-increasing "toughness" on migration increases fear and anxiety. This is true for people who think migration is too high; for people who are concerned about the well-being of migrants; and for people who are migrants themselves...