brixton riots

The 1981 Brixton riots took place between protesters in between 10 and 12 April 1981. The riots resulted in almost 280 injuries to police and around 60 injuries to members of the public. Reports suggested that up to 5000 people were involved.
Thatcher will be remembered by many black people of my generation as a bigot and a xenophobe who fanned the flames of racial hatred, giving succour to the fascists who were emboldened to carry out terrorist attacks against black and Asian people.
A police car blazes at the corner of Atlantic Road and Brixton Road "Nothing, but nothing, justifies what happened," she
The media still seems baffled that prim and proper England would be almost brought to its knees by what the London Daily Mail newspaper referred to as "nihilistic and feral teenagers" rioters.
For those old enough to remember, the violence of the past few days in London has been uncomfortably reminiscent of the inner