A decade and a half after I first came into contact with Clive James his influence has become all the more pertinent. When people ask me what I'd like to do with my career, the phrase "a bit like Clive James" is invariably my opening salvo.
Sophiya Haque was the first Indian looking female face I had seen in a music video which set easy-to-get English words to the strains of Indian ragas and was broadcast on an honest-to-goodness mainstream music channel in India.
As the deadline for the UK's Millennium Development Goals approaches in 2015, there is a widening debate about how to continue making progress in tackling poverty, inequality and intolerance. The industrialisation of China, Chinese investments in Africa, stresses on the world's food and water systems, migration and population will all feature in the futures of the wealthy and poor alike wherever they are. Through our awards we encourage journalists and filmmakers to tell the whole story, to relay the authentic voices of people often discounted or silenced in international affairs, and to help us understand how in a globalised world, 25 years on, we are all connected more than ever.
Mobile browsing while watching the TV? We're a nation of 'Dual Screeners' and advertisers are learning new tricks to keep us engaged.
As the internet swarms with reaction to Ofcom's decision to take Press TV off the Sky platform in the UK, the channel is further discrediting itself by ignoring the claims of foul play. Instead of taking the necessary steps to stay on air and protect its employees, Press TV claims this is the end of free speech in Britain.
Top Gear bosses have rejected claims that the show's India special was insulting, describing it instead as a "warts and all
Stuart Hall, the sports commentator who famously presented popular TV show “It’s a Knockout” in the 1980s, is among those
I will let you in on a secret. In my email I have a list of many important headline-making science stories, but I'm not allowed
As with many great inventions there are competing claims as to who got there first. However, for the Brits and lots of others
How can one channel fully and accurately report an event like that of yesterday? In the case of Israel - Palestine (and now Hamas), it probably can't. The Israel - Palestine conflict is so imbued with emotion that it is almost impossible to find anyone to comment on it impartially.