Okay, okay so my husband thought these brownies were horrible, how rude! However, the kids and I really enjoyed them (honestly) you can absolutely detect the sweet potato, which is unusual but I like it a lot.
The kids are TOTALLY fooled. They are dense, chocolatey, fudgy, and sticky, just like any good brownie should be.. But no flour, no nasties, just all the good stuff - packed full of fibre, omega 3 and protein and loads more.
I'm not going to pretend like these are healthy, because sometimes you don't want healthy. Sometimes the kale and the almond milk chat and the steaming rather than frying can give you healthy fatigue. If that's the case then I prescribe something so trashy, so incredibly grubby that it sends you straight back on the wagon.
I committed the mortal sin of trying to impart my knowledge on her. It's exactly the kind of thing that used to drive me to distraction as a first time mother... Next time I see her I will make her these brownies as way of an apology and stop being such a know it all.
Cooking time: 50 minutes, plus 2 hours chilling time 80g of caster sugar 460ml of double cream 6 gelatine leaves 1 orange
The Paleo Diet mantra 'keep it clean' - to steer clear of refined and processed foods. It's easy peasy to follow, but in
Ingredients: For the mackerel fillets: 6 80g mackerel fillets, skin on 1 tbsp of olive oil For the crumb mixture: 40g of
The sense of pride, belonging and self esteem I felt for the first time in my life aged seven that wet winter evening will never leave me. I was about to make my promise to you, the Girlguiding movement.
The new wording encouraging girls to "develop" their beliefs rather than pledge an allegiance to God isn't just about keeping Girl Guiding diverse and inclusive - it's also more realistic. Many of those making the promise don't believe in God - I know I didn't.
Could the Page 3 Girl have met her match in the Girl Guide? Members of Girlguiding UK have thrown their weight behind a popular