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He told The Huffington Post UK: “It was a pre-planned video for my YouTube channel - everyone in the video are my friends
There is something fundamentally wrong in a world where the higher powers are cashing in on our monthly periods and subtly undermining the female gender and its needs. It is not just a female right to be given access to free sanitary products, it's a human right. If Brunel's student union implement free sanitary products for their female students, it's a lesson for all.
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Today I am especially proud to be a part of Brunel. Last night our students organised a mass walk out of the 50th anniversary "Big Debate", in protest of the Universities decision to invite Katie Hopkins onto the Panel.
Prior to her talk at Brunel, Hopkins crafted a list in anticipation of the accusations she expected to face, imploring students
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A British student has come up with a way to build a £100,000 microscope for less than £200. Adam Lynch, a PhD student from
Brunel University London is in London, but not quite. An hour from central London and yet a world away on its own campus
Within hours of starting my MA I had decided to abandon my dreams of becoming a real life Miranda Priestly**, and was so captivated by my tutor's accounts of the life of a real hack that nothing but a career on a bustling news desk would do.