Bruno Mars

We were ready to make a grab for the sick bucket when we heard the words 'Bruno Mars flashmob' but Bobby Beattie's proposal
It's not because the songs are so painfully catchy, I was already well aware of this. What Bruno Mars music has is a cocktail of musical flavours which is precisely why he is so popular across Indonesia, a place filled with different cultures, religions, landscapes and tastes in music.
It's got dancing girls, it's got people dressed as bulls, it's got Bruno Mars 'Marry You'. It can only be... a marriage proposal
While all eyes were on Miley Cyrus at this year's MTV EMA Awards, wondering how she'd outdo herself following her recent
It's not about what you say but how you say it that creates the affect words have. So the next time you're faced with a situation that seems impossible at the time, remember that it's not about "trying," but about giving it all of your "try."
There's so much music now that it's pretty impossible to hear all of it - but that doesn't stop me from trying. As we transition into 2013 and leave 2012 behind, I'll be taking much of the music from the last year with me.
Singer Bruno Mars was so embarrassed to hear his romantic hit Just 'The Way You Are' playing in a French exotic dance club
Rita Ora may be feeling flush as one of the hottest new pop stars on the scene, but she's hiding a terrible phobia of going
Justin Bieber has made an aspiring teen singer an online sensation by calling her the next big music star and tipping her
Ed Sheeran leads the nominees' list for the Brit Awards, to be held at the O2 Arena on Tuesday 21 February. He has four nominations