brussels sprouts

Nothing divides a Christmas table quite as much as Brussels sprouts. But if you hate them, it probably means you’ve been
I've been trying to come up with a recipe that celebrates the good old sprout and uses up Christmas leftovers. Sprouts with bacon and cream is my favourite side dish (I think I prefer it to turkey... shhh) so what better than a carbonara to use up those green little gems.
You will have to make a last-minute stop to a major supermarket to restock all of the Christmas booze and chocolates. You bought them last month on special offer and they have mysteriously vanished. This, you swear, will be the last time you step foot in Asda... until 27 December.
If you like big sprouts and you cannot lie, then we've got some epic news for you: this year, Brussels sprouts are bigger
They are little pockets of love and I devour them with glee. They have changed my life, not only are they high in vitamin A and C, they have large amounts of folic acid and dietary fibre - awesome for the gluten and grain free life I choose.
It's the green that strikes terror into the heart of every child at Christmas, and now kids have the perfect excuse not to
Researchers say there's a genetic explanation why some people love Brussels sprouts -- while others would rather eat a rubber
Britain has been enjoying such unseasonably mild weather of late - until the recent cold snap, at least - that farmers are