Bryan Ferry

It's a strange and wonderful life, being on the road; living on a bus. It's not for everyone but if you're a social animal and you love the people you're with; then the bus starts to feel more like a womb on wheels than a mere means of transportation. I much prefer being on the bus than staying in a hotel room and I'm not alone.
Bryan Ferry’s son Merlin is reported to be in a critical condition after the car he was in was involved in a head-on car
I know it's the thought that counts, but a gift card just doesn't show that you know what the recipient's tastes might be. So for the discerning artsy person in your life, may I make the following suggestions.
His voice improved as the nearly 90-minute set went on, about half of which he retired to the keyboards sitting on the raised platform to the right of the drummer, when he wasn't centre stage holding court.
It turned out that Bryan had another album coming out in the New Year, so in true Livvy and Chrissie style - well you have to ask, don't you - we said: "what about US for the next album cover?" Well this is definitely the moment Mr Bryan Ferry showed us why he was called MR.
Across the table in a Surrey coffee shop sits no ordinary singer. The smile is luminous, the eyes soft, her voice languorous.
Johnny Marr is teaming up with a charismatic frontman on stage this weekend. Intelligent, lyrical, poetic, complicated, big
Perhaps the most astonishing thing about Willie Christie is that his career as a fashion photographer spans little more than