Animal charities and pet lovers fear stray cats and dogs could end up in animal testing laboratories over plans to lift a
Those opposed to animal experiments argue strongly against both animal and human experiments. We are consistent in our ethics. Those in support of animal experiments, by contrast, are inconsistent.
The Home Office last week released a statement on its plans to bring in a new EU law on animal experiments. The plans, such as maintaining larger minimum cage sizes than strictly necessary, have been heralded by some as good news. The overall picture is very different.
Kirk Leech extols the alleged benefits of animal research. It is to be hoped that scientists bring greater intellectual rigour to their research than he does to his arguments.
Animal Research, inside and outside of academia, has clearly played an essential role in medical advances. This fact is persistently overlooked in the emotive and overblown claims,and reports from groups such as the BUAV and Animal Aid.
Newcastle University will be forced to disclose licences governing its controversial experiments on primates after a tribunal