Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson, the PGA Masters champion, knows how to travel. In 2013, he shocked the golfing community by rocking up at the
Watching The Open with the naked eye is a strange experience. The rewards are fleeting, when the walking between holes occupies far more time than the actual game. Golf is a sport made for television. Yet, to see a professional hit a ball into the unimaginable distance is an experience all in itself.
Bubba Watson had a priceless response to a question about his performance at last year's Masters tournament. Masters 2014
Bubba Watson became just the third Masters champion to claim a second win in a three-year span when he nestled into his second
Bubba Watson's hovercraft golf cart has some serious competition in the course cruising stakes courtesy of a Batman-style
Bubba Watson, with his pink driver and hovercraft buggy, is a little bit different but remains very American when it comes
Bubba Watson, with his pink driver, likes to do things a little differently, but it is unlikely the Augusta members will
Coming this close to April Fool's Day, we find it hard to believe this one - but if true, it's the biggest advance in golf
So another Masters comes to an end and the winner is, once again, The Augusta National Golf Course. Okay, so some American called Bubba (no, not that one, Forest Gump was just a film) may claim to have won but it's the magnificent 18 holes that will live on in the memory.