budget 2013

Ed Balls has pledged to scrap George Osborne's major "shares for rights" scheme if Labour wins the 2015 general election
The truth is that politics will only become a more wearisome pursuit. Left or right, green or orange the challenge will remain the same; humans are simply evolving beyond the reach of modern politics. The world has shrunk exponentially over the last decade and technology has made possible things that would have once appeared witchcraft.
Nearly 700 jobs are at risk at Morrisons, the supermarket where last week George Osborne made a speech in defence of cutting
The dust has settled on the Budget 2013 and the political fallout has been well documented. Putting politics aside and focusing on the actual issues, it's true to say Chancellor George Osbourne's Budget statement contained both positives and negatives as far as the tech industry is concerned.
Although public opinion still seems to hold higher education in greater regard than apprenticeships, evidence suggests this is partly due to the lack of information people receive.
Is a dash for gas the answer? Gas is the cleanest of the three fossil fuels and emits only half as much CO2 as coal. Estimates vary on the amount of shale gas available, but the consensus is that we have enough for over 100 years, supplying at least a quarter of our energy needs in that time.
As well as targeting specific funds to get stalled schemes in our most buoyant cities moving, we need to see more autonomy for cities to drive investment in new housing. By removing the restrictions on councils' ability to borrow money against their existing housing assets to invest in new housing, industry experts suggest councils could borrow an additional £2.8bn to invest in new housing.
Small businesses are the engine room of the UK economy and whilst I applaud Chancellor Osborne's intent to help them more must be done in the long-term if small businesses are to truly drive economic growth and job creation.
George Osborne has rejected calls from the right-wing of the Conservative Party that he administer "shock therapy" to the
There were positive announcements in the Budget. It is clear, with his announcements on shared equity, that the government is trying to stimulate both ends of the property chain and that is to be welcomed.