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Motorists spared next autumn's planned fuel duty rise have been handed more good news. First, supermarket Sainsbury's said
Nothing the government said in the Budget will aid the housing market. A toothless bunch, the market has recovered through hard work and honest advice from estate agents, not the policies or schemes that the government has introduced in recent years.
If this isn't a depression, what would one look like? The economic recovery following the crisis of 2007/08 has been the slowest for a century, slower even than from the Great Depression. Only the post-WWI recession of 1920-1924 saw a steeper decline in output, and even then there was a return to growth by month fifty of recession.
All in all, the problems are mounting. The economic plan has not delivered what was promised, people are feeling the pain, but without the promised benefits being delivered.
Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has defended the Government's mortgage guarantee scheme, insisting its intention
What do you reckon George Osborne is regretting most about the past week? The loopholes in the latest Budget, or his decision to join Twitter a few hours before he presented it? Twitter isn't exactly the most welcoming of destinations for public figures - it's not exactly the friendliest of places for anyone with more than about 43 followers - but jump on in and you never know, the water might be warm... or shark infested if you're the Chancellor of the Exchequer. If you were feeling in the tiniest bit victimized this week, take just six seconds to browse the memes devoted to Georgie's first Twitter pic and I guarantee you'll feel a whole lot better about yourself.
George Osborne may not have proved himself to be a dab hand at saving the economy - but, for an amateur, he's doing a lot
Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander has again slapped down calls for welfare to bear more of the burden of the coalition's
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