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Abby Tomlinson, founder of the 'Milifandom' internet phenomenon, has given David Cameron an awkward reminder of one of his
George Osborne took much more money from poor people than he did from the rich in his Budget, the independent Institute for
If you are rich and over 25 you really are living the dream thanks to Mr Osborne and his little red box. It's absolutely excellent to see restrictions being lifted on inheritance tax and your banker mates getting financially rewarded for taking ridiculous risks, life is good. So you are under 25? Oh, that is a bit more awkward, sorry about that!
There are a multitude of misnomers in the English language. Koala bears aren't bears, jellyfish aren't fish and peanuts are
Today we saw no pledge from Government to address the gap in social care funding. We have long been calling on the Government to invest in the social care system as a whole in order to plug the £4.6billion black hole as identified by the LGA and ADASS. However, the issue seems to have disappeared off the political agenda, whilst the system moves closer to breaking point.
Young people are reeling today after waking up to find out that George Osborne's budget cuts are far worse than we first
George Osborne has always been described as a "political chancellor", as if there was really any other kind. But his first Tory-only budget confirmed he is more than comfortable with the nasty politics of division and hypocrisy.
The way this Budget divides young and old is everything that's wrong with Westminster politics. Life has got much harder for young people and there seems to be no recognition of that or any attempt to correct it. I'm standing to lead Labour and take my party out of that bubble. Under my leadership, Labour will help everyone get on in life and not leave the younger generation behind.
Domestic violence is not a topic you would usually associate with the Budget, but this afternoon George Osborne confirmed the news which made the front page of The Sun newspaper on Tuesday: that the Government will provide an extra £3.2m for women's refuge places. This is of course welcome news,
I am calling for a people's quantitative easing - and asking my fellow candidates to join me in that call. The Bank of England must be given a new mandate to upgrade our economy to invest in new large scale housing, energy, transport and digital projects. This would give our economy a huge boost: upgrading our outdated infrastructure and creating over a million skilled jobs and genuine apprenticeships... But none of this was in the Budget. The Conservatives have chosen to keep on the path of managed decline.